Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Looking after your skin-The Bride to Be!

Being a bride is generally the only time when a women has the spot light on her in more ways than one. If anyone is addicted to some of the ‘bridezilla’ type programmes it seems that costs and events can really spiral out of control. Now of course with the age of high definition photography and the ‘instantness’ of social media and the ability to blow up photos with a casual swipe of the thumb, it is even more crucial for a bride to be aware of her complexion. The hand of an expert make up artist cannot be under rated, however like any artist the medium needs to be in good condition before the ‘paint’ is applied. This is where a good skin care regime is critical and really it should be factored in about the same time as you are booking a venue or picking your dress. This article will cover the things a bride to be needs to think about- but we haven’t forgotten the boys! The modern day groom generally can’t get a way with a bit of spit and polish or a slap of cologne. We will cover their needs soon! Ava, our beauty advisor has put together some tips to help you along the way- and the important thing it doesn’t need to cost a fortune as there are many home treatments you can do in between the salon visits (visit our you tube page for tips).

In her time as a Beauty Therapist Ava has observed that all things bridal are a frequent topic of business- Bridal makeup, bridal skincare, bridal packages. You get the idea. As a bride, you want to be as perfect as can be on a day where you are the focal point, and it makes sense to start from the bottom up. This doesn’t mean shoes (but DON’T forget to look after your feet either!)- it means your skin. It’s a good idea to start a routine or book in for a consultation 6-8 months before your wedding, every 6-8 weeks so you get to know your therapist, and any issues can be ironed out long before your big day. Some salons offer a package service which can be a cost saver, but make sure you actually want all the services includes. It may be better to negotiate something which suits you and your budget. Don't forget to ask the therapists what can be done to maximise the benefits of the treatments at home. Brow shapes can be perfected, and most importantly, so can your skincare. During this time ask if a peel is right for you, bearing in mind  you just have to avoid the sun and wear plenty of sunscreen, which you should always do anyway, but do not even contemplate trying one in the few weeks just before your wedding as they also need time to work and should be done with the same frequency as facial treatments, ideally alongside.

As your skin needs time to detox, two weeks before your wedding is the last time a beauty therapist can help you, so that your skin doesn’t erupt and get very angry with you. This doesn’t always happen, but it isn’t abnormal either. Your skin just has to push toxins and bacteria out. Besides, it’s a good excuse for some long term pampering to take your mind off of all the other things you have to do. Use this time to treat your foot with a really good pedicure and regular moisturising of your feet- EVERY DAY.
If  unfortunately, your skin did throw a tantrum three days before your wedding, Ava recommends going to see a beauty therapist, so they can do extractions and a soothing antibacterial facial to reduce inflammation and kill any spots. If that’s out of the question, a home made manuka honey, oatmeal and lemon juice mask will work well too, to disinfect, hydrate and soothe the skin. Avoid touching your face as much as possible, as it can lead to acne as you transfer bacteria from your hands to your face, and they have a great time with the oils in your skin. It’s also very important to remove your makeup before bed, because every day you don’t take your makeup off, your skin ages seven days.

Face Care
Make sure you follow the age old mantra of cleanse-tone-moisturise every day with products suited to your skin type. If you are prone to hormonal acne or stress related skin conditions such as eczema or the occasional spot nip these in the bud early with the appropriate product. If very severe consider seeing a dermatologist. Use a sunscreen summer and winter to reduce oxidative stress. If you are a smoker maybe this is a time to rethink this habit and start your marriage with a clean slate! Use facial exfoliants sparingly- maximum of once a week for oily skin and only every 2-3 weeks for dry or delicate skin. using a superfine clay like the From Nature clay is perfect as you customise this with your cleanser. If you have an allergy prone skin don’t try anything new on your skin for at least 6 weeks before the wedding. During this time also make sure you keep hydrated with water during the day, up your dietary intake of essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6) through supplements like hempseed oil or flaxseed oil. We love the NZ grown hemp oil from New Hemisphere which has a vivid green colour and great nutty taste. Add a teaspoonful to your breakfast smoothie or drizzle over a salad. It is just as yummy to eat straight off the spoon!

Back Care

Ensure you have a good hard look at your back and if you have issues such as acne or rough skin then this needs to be worked on at least three months out. Apply a good body scrub which has antibacterial properties as well as inflammatory. A home made sugar scrub is perfect but you need someone to help you. Take a small handful of brown sugar and mix with a small amount of olive oil (kitchen oil is fine). Add 2-3 drops tea tree or lavender essential oil. Ask someone to apply this to your back in gentle circular movements then shower off. A home make ‘backcial’ mask can be made from rolled oats mixed with gentle toner and water. If your skin is rough or sun damaged then a soothing back mask using the From Nature Chocolate Body Mask is perfect- apply and leave on for ten minutes then have it massaged into your skin. Best applied after a shower. Apply the Divine Hand and Body Moisturiser all over to keep your skin smooth and hydrated.

Foot Care

Use a foot paddle every other day to get in the habit of removing dead skin from your feet before you hop in the shower. After drying your feet apply Dr. Wendy's Divine Foot Cream thickly and put your feet in a plastic bag and old socks. The cream will hydrate your feet. this is also a good time to sit and relax with a face mask on. The From Nature Chocolate Foot mask can also be used for extra hydration. If your feet are particularly bad, then make sure you book in for a pedicure so that your toe nails can be attended to as well as a professional hard skin removal.

The best skin care tip ever- SMILE!
Wendy and Ava www.doctorwendy.net